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Goodbye To Forever

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Goodbye to forever

Life always takes the time to remind us we don’t have forever.  That is why it is so important to love who we are inside because tomorrow won’t remember us if we don’t take the time to smile today.              It was a still moment on a simple day.  I was a bit grumpy on […]

Steve Grand to perform ‘All American boy’ at GLSEN Respect Awards

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2013 Bailey House Fundraiser

Singer and songwriter Steve Grand, who took YouTube by storm with the video release of his hit song “All American Boy” is scheduled to perform the song at the GLSEN Respect Awards according to a report by the Hollywood Reporter on October 5. The gay singer rose to broader recognition as the video received 1.5 […]

This Little Provincetown

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I’ve never before been to a place ready to embrace me for all that I am. And as we passed Truro that New Years Eve I looked out a fogged up passenger side window into a dark cloud and thought to myself finally. Finally a place where I could hold the hand of my lover in […]

In The Presence Of Strangers

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There are times where I’m just an admirer and there are times… when I am the admired but for all that I’ve become I still fear at times those unfamiliar eyes that stare at me. There are people who either e-mail me or comment why write these diaries. They say there is nothing wrong with […]