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Tarringo T. Vaughan always believed he had a love affair with literature. One of the first pictures he saw of himself was of him at maybe the age of three or four year’s old sitting with a book in his hand. But for Tarringo, growing up in the depths of the inner city both in Boston, MA and Springfield, MA made him believe that expression through the literary voice was un-cool and unattainable. As a very quiet and shy child he learned it became very valuable in his self expression. Born in 1976, Tarringo was the first child, grandchild and nephew in a family that had grown accustomed to struggle. His mother was a teenager who quickly lost the support of my father who today he knows very little of. These aspects of his life triggered the inspiration of his pen. Later in life his struggle with self confidence and homosexuality catapulted his desire to write. He felt a need to educate and help others in his situation through words. It became Tarringo’s ambition to be somebody and in 1995 he entered his freshmen year at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he was still a very quiet individual and still refused to make a career involving literature. But his English courses continued to intrigue him the most and through those courses he became familiar and connected with African American writers such as James Baldwin and Langston Hughes who taught him that it was cool to be whom he was. James Baldwin was also gay and proudly exhibited his sense of self and Langston Hughes was a genius in poetry whose suave lyrical delivery drew Tarringo into his expression. And as his education furthered he found himself opening up more and taking on the role of a leader socially. Tarringo T. Vaughan graduated in 2000 from the University Of Massachusetts - Amherst with a Bachelors degree in English and Communications as a 2nd major. Tarringo currently works in the healthcare field but is working on his 2nd poetry book for publication titled “A Crack In The Sidewalk” following his first book of poetry titiled "Beyond Rainbows & Yellow Brick Roads" and is the founder of the Flexwriters Creative Network ( which currently features an online magazine, a social site and many literary outlets for poets, writers, publishers and readers. Future plans include a publishing company as well as actual an actual café for writers and spoken word nights. His writing consists of many styles as he does like neglecting rules and going beyond the norm.

A Street With No Exit

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A Street With No Exit

Heartbreak has had me afraid to travel down side streets where the possibilities of love were parked close to the curbs of my heart I was afraid of another flat tire leaving me stranded on the roads of loneliness with no one ever stopping to give me that lift I needed to refuel the engine […]

From The Shadows Of Curiosity

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Although I believe homosexuality is something you’re born with, in my childhood years I really never thought of men sexually. It wasn’t until my years of puberty that I began to wonder about the adult man body. I always used the excuse to myself that I was just curious about how “big” I was going […]

Published – from the Public Journal of Literary Thought

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My expression has been copyrighted by time.   The greatest struggle I’ve had to face in my life has been finding a way to explore the many techniques of my own mind.  I have visions no one else has but yet perhaps share in a different unique interpretation.  And that’s what we are as poets:  interpretations seeking […]

This Could Be Heaven

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This Could be Heaven

The clouds are combing the sky with the perfect radiance of blue; a clear blue that is shadowing down on this landscape of comfort. I am laying here, in the middle of this field of green watching the wind kiss the branches of time with a soft bliss. There is nothing on my mind except […]

A Poem With No Ending

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Happiness is like a poem that never ends; it is the jazz splashing from the tears in eyes when the joy of a smile drowns the dampness of sadness; it is the tender touch of a kiss upon the forehead of synchronized heart from the smooth gentle lips of renewal when pain has drifted and […]

Butterfly Wings

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  flutter in front of my eyes causing my mind to stutter for just one moment as I gaze into the stillness of time watching this beautiful artistic creation of metamorphosis fly freely. A pretty black with traces of gold – wings the eyes of opportunity as they drift though the skies of a complicated […]

Time – from the Public Journal of Literary Thought

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Somewhere within time, there is an answer. There was an older man who stood in front of a local storefront searching for truth.  He had a handle on life as he gripped onto his walking stick tightly, a stick that supported the frame of his aging curiosity.  Perhaps he was wise or just courageous but […]

There Will Be Tears

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You came to me in a wide open dream of reflection as on this day my mind has lost all direction as I am missing you. You know I saw you today; I saw you today/ in traffic driving young toddlers to daycare. I saw the delight in your eyes just being a mother and […]

Of Life’s Complexity

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of life's complexity

Inspired by The Poetry Of Tupac Shakur Those who accept simplicity have never walked on the same side of the street as me. They’ve never watched grown folks cry when hopes and dreams slowly die. They’ve never seen single mothers struggle or heard their cries around dinner time when food is scarce and not enough […]


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and ready to believe.   As I sit and watch transient sunsets fade behind the fatigue skyline of a city, I remember the once proud façade of progress;  the many years dedicated blending minds and educating hearts to become one focus and join hands in the togetherness of equality.  Before I was born there were […]