Winds of Change

Winds-Of-ChangeShe knew that change would come like the blowing winds of life,
but only time could provide the answer to her fate.
Whereas addiction took hold of her (unrecognizable to herself)
She had to regain control and capture pride from faith’s shelf.
She faced the winds of change. Around her, eyes stared.
When she cried friends no longer listened. But for her tears they cared.

She always thought things would be different if he never left.
Others say that man who held her heart was a serious theft.
She was tired of her world tilting upside down,
Who needs a love that wasn’t meant and caused a frown?
She faced the winds of change. Healing blew towards her.
Time eased the pain. Drugs no longer did she prefer.

She heard an old love song twirling in the wind,
A reminder of the hurt and fragility that his love left behind;
the same day strength abandoned her and said goodbye,
cocaine gave her comfort, held her at ease( she got high).
She faced the winds of change. Her feelings were numbed.
Nothing else mattered, decisions made were dumb.

Her recovery was orchestrated by lessons learned,
Love will never again come easy, trust had to be earned.
Never again will she leave her soul exposed
No matter what the remedy of a lonely heart proposed.
She faced the winds of change. She grew strong. Today
She has her life back, ready for anything that blows her way.

© 2009

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