Once Upon The Streets Of Youth

Future_by_TheridioNThere we played, on the streets of youth where

we were free of fear, free of tears and during times

when life taught us the freedom to care.


We were the innocent — children filled with dreams

learning the art of growth while realizing that everything

around us wasn’t what it seemed but still we believed


in hope, courage and our own ability to achieve — we were

the future holding history tight in our hands

as we laughed, cried and watched our older generations

die.  And we were the fearless determined


to fly despite poverty chained to our heels– we used

our wheels of courage to travel to new reachable

destinations where our names gave definition

to the liberation of strength.  We were a new generation,


as in our faces was a new age of challenge; a challenge

we embraced as we played on the streets of youth –


where once upon a time

there was no crime, emptiness or pain.



Tarringo T. Vaughan

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