umass2I remember the fun, the music and dreams we shared together-

the growth, the tears and fears we felt together,

the lessons, the laughs and the goals we experienced together


this campus showed us how to be grownups, it introduced

us to new friendships meant to last forever.  These dormitories housed

our insecurities and allowed us to expand

and prepared us to enter a world


ready for our influence.  These classrooms, where we learned

the true study of independence, taught us

both the advantages and nuances

of higher learning.


This campus, just on the outskirts of Amherst,

created situations that earned us the Bachelor degree of life,


a Degree that even years later we look back upon

and reminisce the memories.  We didn’t just party

we celebrated – we didn’t just grow,


we developed,

we didn’t just experience — we became ourselves


inside a University where our freedom was given a voice

and through lecture halls where we discovered

the foundation of choice


This campus, will always be home

and will always be a place

where we always belong.


It is a homecoming of our journey’s and the long everlasting

bonds we have created.



(c) 2013

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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