Higher Learning


higher learningWhen, we are out there

alone, on our own – exploring a whole new world

far from home

a new day arises

when the education of life

opens our eyes

to new ways of thought and energizes new visions

of ideology which uplifts the mind’s biology

with new ways of  finding truth.


But higher learning, the quality of which, is not

just about creating genius,

it is about the friendships that bond,

the religious freedom

of the heart, the politics of independent transitions

and it is about finding ourselves

within a society that has to find its own way


to adapt to our difference.


Higher learning is that need to define

our knowledge and take it to new heights

of understanding


who we are,

who we are to become

by celebrating the history of who we were


and although we are taught to embrace

our dreams and capabilities, it is


the higher learning of life that guides us

to rise and conquer the many possibilities


out there, in a world

that is ready  for us to make our own and take hold.


(c) 2013

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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