Shadow-of-a-DoubtThere can be no progression in this world if you keep allowing yourself to fall.

It was one of those days that the reflection in the mirror wasn’t someone I wanted to see. Everywhere I went I saw someone who kept holding me back; someone who tripped me over and over onto the grounds of complacency. There was no escaping him as he followed me lurking as a shadow in every possible position around me as I walked. He laughed at me through car windows as his glaring smile reflected into my eyes from the strong rays of sunshine beaming through cloudy skies. I was blinded from believing; my vision was crippled so bad I couldn’t see any way out of my own maze of diminishing confidence. Simply, I had a stalker that was my own being; a stranger who was defining me by knocking me down over and over again.

To acquire victory one must be willing to embrace challenge.

On this day I got tired of his manipulation. My mind was scraped up from all the falling and I just picked myself up and refused to be knocked down again. I refused let wounds remain scars and told this bully controlling my growth to “fuck off”! I wasn’t having it no more. He continued to laugh and throw his invisible weight around but my new ears didn’t not hear him, my new eyes didn’t look his way and my new mind blocked him out. And on that day I found a friend named Confidence leaning against the silhouette of that bully named Doubt who abused me for so long. Mr. Confidence was too strong for Mr. Doubt and all his treachery and deceit diminished into something that became transparent in my mind. That day I started to travel again.

When there is doubt we lose focus


of who we are meant to be.

© 2010

Tarringo T. Vaughan

Public Journal

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