Coronado Beach


Photos By Fashion And Advertising Photographer Ken KneringerCalifornia dreamin’, slight breeze streamin’

through the ocean waves of the Pacific.           And I

am feeling terrific as I study the light almond flavored

sand and the smooth San Diego air

caresses the back of my hand.  I am just close

enough to feel the slight spray of the ocean’s blue

dripping off the humidity -


passionately, like the first kiss of new lovers,

romance anew.


And I

look at my own lover, as he walks along

the traces of Coronado’s shore.  He is mesmerized

by the allure of freedom’s smile.  He is just a witness

watching children splash their laughter

against the sunburned bathers refreshed with drips

of sweat – eagerly anticipating the fluorescent winds

of a new sunset.


Although we are miles away from home, I, like my lover

is an admirer dreams colliding and smiles

introducing themselves to the open serenity

of a laid back west coast where minds descend freely

inside the embrace of relaxation and where


so many different backgrounds find a way

to find their inner similarities, and where lovers roam

inside the ease of each other’s hearts,

giving new memories a place to call home.


California dreaming’, my true love i’m feel in’

as he has come back next beside me

holding my hand in his,


staring out into the deepness of tomorrow

and the endless miles of the Pacific sea.


© 2013

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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