Born & Raised


Born & RaisedSo young were the days we dreamed.



filtered streets were so inspired –

as the growth of our minds never tired.


We grew up here, born & raised;

in the energy of a city where so many memories

were saved.  Laughter envied skies

always seemed to overshadow days filed with clouds

during tough times when the hardships

of life watered our eyes.


We found discovery here, born & raised;

in a place and through a time when the truth of self

challenged expectations of who we were,

who we had to be and defied

our tomorrow’s history.


And we found independence here, born & raised;

inside the influence of  playgrounds where we learned

how to hope and believe, we found places where

we could shape our hearts free and truly achieve

and on sidewalks where our shadows’ childhood will forever



we found a different way to live through new beginnings

and new reasons for growth;

born & raised — right here,

in the heartbeat of a city that brought us together

as one freedom.


© 2013

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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