A Letter To Him


A-letter-to-himDear Him,

I once saw you standing on the corner once before/hidden
in the mirrors of self-blame and masked by feelings of shame.
You thought no one knew you; you thought no one heard
the true language of your heart and you thought no one cared

–at least that’s what you feared

And now I see you standing free for the world to see—
you have become a victory and now I see you breathing, relaxing
and no longer suffocating inside feelings
suppressed by the non-acceptance of ignorance
that had you locked away in a closet unaware
of the many layers of your own importance.

You felt lost in a maze of confusion with no way out;
locked inside a place where dark illustrated illusions distracted
your pride and self-love; a place where your thoughts and feelings
failed to come together in fusion—

but finally your confidence has collided with strength
and tall you stand as you are a champion of life:

One who have defeated
those who have judged and continue to judge;

those who still try to trip your presence and make you
fall back in that hole of fear
but you rise and refuse to go back there;
you have shown the world that this too is life
through self-discovery and the makings of you.
I see you standing now as a sculpture beautifully constructed
by the artists known as courage, strength, dedication
(a new found appreciation)
and the pride that now defines happiness
and a self-worth that has become priceless.

You are the many who walk brave.


© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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