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Coronado Beach

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Photos By Fashion And Advertising Photographer Ken Kneringer

  California dreamin’, slight breeze streamin’ through the ocean waves of the Pacific.           And I am feeling terrific as I study the light almond flavored sand and the smooth San Diego air caresses the back of my hand.  I am just close enough to feel the slight spray of the ocean’s blue dripping off the […]

Sometimes I Cry

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Crying Black Man

My sadness beats steadily against the noise of silent eyes who look through my heart.   I stand still in the middle of a circle of invisibility staring at empty walls full of shadows;     shadows hidden behind a perspiration of smiles pretending to be my friends but all the while they laugh at […]

Like A Bird Without Wings

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Like a bird without wings

Sometimes I feel like a bird without wings, unable to fly; no strength to glide, no way to escape, emotions hidden inside. Like a bird I was born to soar and fly through the winds of challenge. I was born to spread my wings and rise to the greatest of altitude accelerating through the skies […]

Being Boston

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Being Boston

    We were Boston – on a damp day in May we made our way from Fenway Park through the crowded excitement of Yawkey Way,   we traveled through the energy of the strong, hearts saddened by recent tragedy yet united as one through the hearts of a city proud   We marched through […]


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Somewhere a poet is crying because he can I’ve traveled to many places in this world without leaving the destination of my front window.  There are days I sit and allow my mind to explore and reach out in a transpiration of thought.  I search for new views and interpretations in a world where everyone […]


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    I remember the fun, the music and dreams we shared together- the growth, the tears and fears we felt together, the lessons, the laughs and the goals we experienced together   this campus showed us how to be grownups, it introduced us to new friendships meant to last forever.  These dormitories housed our […]

On The Inside

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Sometimes I hate when I’m supposed to love. I stare off into cluttered windows watching the eyes of my heart dilate into fragments of distance loudly shattering in the destination of this world unhealed. Those are the times I am numb when I’m supposed to feel holding on to pain I didn’t even know I […]

Time Square

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Time Square

    have traveled places, but never a place quite like this. big lights, big dreams shoving their way through the crowded sidewalks where Asian faces greet Irish eyes and Latino feet walk past African-American stares.   Painted sidewalks where Italian hands weave through Arab eyes and where gay expression catch the attention of straight […]


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“If you can make it through the night, there’s a brighter day.” – Tupac Shakur I see your tears crawling silently on the stairs of fear, alone no one is near but your cries are heard young child. Emotion black & blue from the punches of their laughs/the commotion inside your mind baring scars from […]

Once Upon The Streets Of Youth

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There we played, on the streets of youth where we were free of fear, free of tears and during times when life taught us the freedom to care.   We were the innocent — children filled with dreams learning the art of growth while realizing that everything around us wasn’t what it seemed but still […]