Summer Winds

summer_wind_by_johnyvrr-d4pktneI write this poem
I write this poem as I have discovered the manhood of a journey
and puberty of discovery;
I write this poem with the breath of early summer
winds massaging the mental muscles of my mind

as I reflect. I was once a young man stuck inside the neglect
of the true feelings of love. I never allowed my heart
to rise above society’s cruelty
and contribution towards external shame. And on a day like today
I found myself and took the blame;

I took the blame for not feeling the heat wave
of emotion that was hidden inside
for all those moments I cried. I had no one to confide –
the silent pain that grew within
this skin of silhouettes

was blind of a face; an empty canvas of identity
trying too hard to blend in with what they call normal.

I needed to escape to be me; I needed to break away
from a secret lie and embrace everything I was meant
to be – like the seeds of these flowers in my surroundings

I found a way to blossom
into the meanings of a man
nurtured through the nectar of strength.

And it was a day like today that summer winds released my

so I write this poem in celebration
of  awakening through the nakedness internal victory.

© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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