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In Summer

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In Summer In summer, the song sings itself. ~William CarlosWilliams I hear the songs again.  Back when my mind was in the body of innocence – before growth when adolescence stood still in time and the playfulness of youth filtered through the poetry of nursery rhymes.  I hear the songs again.  Memories dancing on aged sidewalks […]

Summer In The City

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The sun shines in a mist of steady heat down upon the heartbeat of sleeping city streets. Soon, the traffic will rise — tempered as it grows in size steadily drifting through the warmth of morning’s sunrise into the shadows of overcast trees where singing birds fly and soon there will be the joy in […]

Summer Winds

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I write this poem I write this poem as I have discovered the manhood of a journey and puberty of discovery; I write this poem with the breath of early summer winds massaging the mental muscles of my mind as I reflect. I was once a young man stuck inside the neglect of the true […]

Summer Cooking

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So… he looked on, watching from afar the imagery of family. Now alone, sitting in place on an old cranky stubborn porch, eighty-one years of tears laughter and memory/smiled; his smiled gleamed through the haze and humidly of another summer day: a day that reminded him of his younger years when the joy in many […]