Poetic Rhapsody

Poetry RhaspodyThis is the wordplay of my heart
dancing on a thunderstorm of emotion;
raindrops drizzling a haze
inside the sensory zone of an inspirational maze
a duality in devotion.

I am the photographer capturing the flaws
of perfection as all that is brilliance
becomes the magnification of the human laws
within the hands of nature’s resilience.

I capture it all; the strangeness of the sky
puffing on a sunlit cigar exhaling clouds
blanketing black birds
that fly in the formation of a metaphor
with no true analogy.

It’s all open to the interpreter who admires
and conspires to find the hidden truth
under my own fingertips
as I am the magician turning tricks
with stanzas without losing…meaning.

I am the lover caught in the passion
of literary execution triggering feelings
from what is ordinary in everything around me
into explosions of the extraordinary

as my vision is the windowsill
of expression;
literary phrases dripping from an ink
that is inspired
through the love of poetry.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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