This Simple Amazing (Song II)

Farmington_SW_TalcottI love the way the mind flows when it is zip lining
through nature. Today I hike through the trees of Bloomfield’s side
of Talcott Mountain—
town incorporated 1835 — but these manifestations of green-life
have been alive forever. I taste the smell of Oak Savannas
and Chestnut Oaks and feel the appreciation of Robert Frost’s
rocky love affair with nature.

I didn’t want to write today, but this mountain
is so full of life and early morning fascination. The sweat
drips, but the air is free and smiles from strangers
stimulate a thick humidity
that is strangling the sky. Already the heat
is vibrating the beat gunshots heard from a local
shooting range and birds join in creating an orchestra
of symmetry between historic decay and modern
transformations. This is beautiful.

Even the bugs have their place
as I swat them away from my face. I wonder how many
moments have passed by these ferns
as they watch observers rest to gather their breath and

I wonder how long these monuments of life
have been here studying the exhaustion of human nature
as we face the challenge of climbing
this mountain. I didn’t want to write today

but Simsbury looks so beautiful from up here. Cameras
flashing portraits of admiration. Children
raising the blood pressure of cautious parents
as they step too close to the ledge. On this 4th of July
this is nature’s pledge
of independence. This is where the ambition
of wildlife roam free; this is where layers of basalt
rock bask in the shade and dampness
from far away Jurassic periods of time

and this is where a poet becomes a freelancer
allowing nature to write verses of exploration.

I didn’t want to write today but observation
has happened here again – right here

in this simple amazing.

© 2012
Tarringo T Vaughan
July 4th

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