This Feeling So Alive

This feeling so aliveI am standing here watching words drizzle on the granite sidewalks

of time/ they are endless emotions cascading on smooth marbled plateaus

of thought. The sensory of eyelids revel in the sensationalism of reality

as the framework of vision become more than a conspiracy

of vivid fascinations. I am smiling at the wind as the sky opens up its playground

to a sun that double-dutch between clouds that formulate

lips which are kissing a sweet rain flavored brightness of this feeling,


and in this moment I feel so alive as I am more than a fragment

of a never ending energy. I am hearing the trees breath through nostrils of nature

into an air that is radiating through the filters of my mind/becoming…a new process

of a heartbeat and in this feeling so alive, perfect strangers

are the punctuations of life as they are stumbling through

their own moments of interpretation. Some are historians waiting


to capture the tranquility of present and future ideals;

some are thieves stealing this moment as their own

but forgetting to claim their own merchandise left behind

in the memory of self-definition; Some are optimists

who are praising dreams as this reality and some are free thinkers

who believe in dreams and who believe that the religion of time

is in itself a mind of genius and I am standing here taking it all in

because in this feeling, I am a poet capturing the words

that are now puddles of mystified inspiration: translations of colorful

poetics scribed through this feeling so alive


© 2010

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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