As I Stand

As-I-Stand-300x300If they could just see me now/standing here

taller than they ever thought I could stand/believing in myself

despite all those frozen years they laughed at me

like I wasn’t even there. This mirror now shines/no more fear

because I have risen through the broken boards

with sacrifice and hidden tears.


There is now a rhythm to my smile and a balance in my eyes

as ahead of me is an endless sky constructed with victory

and a resilience fueled for me to fly. I still see them/every

laugh who abused me with the brutality

of judgment and beat me down beyond my own recognition

of reality threatening to make me a forgotten casualty.

But what they instilled in my was a mortality

to define who I was into a greater version of who I am.


I still hear them/every blank stare

who cursed the sweat of my soul until I was no longer whole.

But they instilled in me a goal to grow a spirit of defiance

defeating the violence of their hurtful language.

And I can still feel them/in every vision I once cried/within

every stain my pain has dried and written

through each memory of self hatred that has never died.

They couldn’t completely break me

no matter how hard they tried.


If they could just see me now/standing here

prouder than they ever thought I could stand/redefining my name

molded from the embarrassment and shame. I now see a face

chiseled by inspiration and sculptured with gratification.

So I can only say ‘thank you’ to them because as I stand,

I see in me standing as a stronger man.


© 2010

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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