Minutes of a moment (The 37th Song)

Clock_by_iraqifreakWritten April 27th, 2013 from the thoughts that arrived at 5:35 A.M


Eyes wide open inside the 37th dream of a lifetime,


I am breathing —


and as I lay within these minutes,

the very minutes I breathed inside the bosom of my mother’s arms

and started to recognize a world ready to celebrate my life — a world

that has nourished me through sacrifice and strengthened me through pain,


yet, there is so much still to gain

in completing this journey released from the soul of a woman

who has left me, but still spirits me every minute of every moment,


watching down on me, still a baby in her eyes as she is that energy

that exist in drifting skies

at times of sadness and thought the height of accomplishment –


and I know she sees me now, six months away from a marriage

that her angelic hands found just two days after tears filled my soul

when she departed this world –unexpectedly


but still she left me with many gifts that left me whole, willing, ready

and able to love.


As I lay within these minutes,

the very minutes that birthed the strength that has allowed me to rise


I reflect  upon the moments that have led me to the absolute meaning

of being.  What is here on this day can be gone tomorrow

but what is created on this day will leave footprints

inside the pages of eternity as it was 37 dreams ago


within the minutes of a moment that set me free.


(c) 2013 Tarringo T. Vaughan

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